Dr Ismael Maatouk


World AIDS Day - 2017

World AIDS Conference 2017 - with the WHO and MOPH

56° national congress of Association of Italian Hospital Dermatologists - Rome: delivering 20 minutes about Global Health and Dermatology in Lebanon

Regional conference about HIV: delivering 20 minutes about LGBT needs in STIs

(Heartland Alliance; Soins Infirmiers et Developpement Communautaire)

LGBT Health week - 2017: delivering 20 minutes about LGBT and STIs

STD awareness activities with local NGOs and National AIDS Program-WHO

On behalf of WHO-EMRO,  Dr Maatouk was a speaker in the 1st Gulf International Congress for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. The congress was held in Dubai in May 2016. The topic of the presentation was: Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Lebanon and the Middle East.

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